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SHIELD Campaign


Thon Mun Village, Takeo, Cambodia


255 families

Joyce Ming, Rebecca Leo, Stephanie Kwok

Lam Long Tat, Ophenia Wong, Tiffany Leung

Takeo Eye Hospital

Bunseng Sum – New Futures Organisation


Hong Kong Shun Lung Yan Chak Foundation

Nelson Chen Architects


From needs assessment conducted in Thon Mun Village during Cambodia 2012, we have established that villagers will benefit from preventative healthcare intervention. SHIELD stands for "deflect and protect". With efforts to raise awareness and implement healthy habits, we hope to help reduce incidence of preventable medical conditions in the area.


SHIELD will be divided into three parts. First, a continuous children's health workshop will be launched to lay the foundation of basic sanitation knowledge among the young minds. This will be achieved by collaborating with local healthcare promoters trained by PLD healthcare team. Second, the team and our volunteers will be holding a Village Health Awareness Day half-yearly, for the purpose of involving adults and encouraging community support. It is a day event with educational games, lectures, and Q&A sessions. Third, there will be village-wide healthcare promotion, with posters and leaflets to give out to villagers, for the purpose of giving easy access to healthcare information and to promote SHIELD.


Continuous evaluation will be done to assess effectiveness of the campaign, and to gather information to refine and improve our program.