Thnout School

Serving the neighbouring five villages, Thnout School is a critical rethinking of an architectural enclosure. Located on an open rice-field with little covering vegetation, the project is composed of different classrooms and functions of a school to be organised around a centripetal courtyard. By interrogating the typology of the monastic ‘cloisters’, Thnout School is a architectural experiment that redefines learning environments in a rural context.

Thnout School will provide free English, Khmer and Community Studies classes to children and offers a public gathering place. It is scheduled to be completed in 2018



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 Chief Sponsor

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Thnouh Village, Takeo, Cambodia


James Mak, Francis Wong, Alison Cheng

Raymond Chiu, Mark Cheng, Tony Wong, Timo Chow

Evelyn Cheung, Yolanda Au, Albert Ng

Lam Long Tat

ARUP Hong Kong




Hong Kong Shun Lung Yan Chak Foundation

Nan Fung Group

Nelson Chen Architects