Date of completion

Size (sq. m)

Project leaders




Life of Pi


Tuen Mun Park, Hong Kong

2015 (Unbuilt)

81 square metre

James Mak, Francis Wong, Bronson Fung

Tiffany Leung, Alex Yuen, Andrea Chan


The world isn't just the way it is. All children have the right to play. Pi is a little boy who sees the world differently.


He sometimes feels as though the other children don't get him. He is a bit tired of playgrounds having the same boring slides, and he has always been longing for something exciting.

Mom and Dad arrive to see a hilly landscape, but Pi sees a set of saucers on a mountain and runs off in excitement. He spots the gentle, winding path where other adults are strolling, but forgoes it to climb the grassy hillside to see a field of large craters.