Education Development (2018)
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1. Teacher Training Workshop



Teachers PLD hired in Thnouh School are full-time teachers at local primary schools. Their pedagogical skills are very similar, reflecting a very standardized training for in-service teachers, and the well-established expectation of their professional practice.


Current teaching practice can be described as homogenous drilling cycles: write 4 vocabulary on the board, read aloud, copying the words onto exercise books, more read aloud, 4 sentences from the vocabulary and the drilling cycle repeats. The teaching and learning is very decontextualized. Since current practice is mainly drawn from the teacher's knowledge with little structure, we hope to work with the teachers to device a systematic teaching programme.


Target group: 4 Local Teachers, 1 Librarian

Beneficiary: 260 students registered in Thnouh School


Through a 3-week intensive training session, the local teachers will be able to improve on planning lessons based on different reading material available for them, a long-term investment towards social sustainability.


Based on the available local reading material, the PLD Education Team will devise a sample set of lesson plans with the teachers. The training programme would involve teaching them how to plan lessons based on the material.


Focusing on Thnouh School's situation, the programme will serve as a pilot that can be transferrable lessons to other schools by PLD with similar contexts if successful.




2. Publishing Exercise Books



There is a major hindrance to literacy in primary school level in Cambodia. We identified certain teaching material lacking in the Cambodian market, which serves young children (3-5 year-olds) and junior primary children (6-8 year-olds). Their writing skills can be greatly improved if such material were to be available.



English Copybook (1000 pcs) –

we have tried to make one before given our limited resources. Our plan is to revamp that version into a proper publication.


Khmer Copybook (500 pcs)  --

there's no such thing in the Cambodian market. The children learn to write Khmer alphabets by copying the teachers' writing from the whiteboard onto their exercise books. Often they get it wrong, don't know how the strokes are written, and the sequence of placing the strokes. It would be great if we have the resources to start one.


Doodle book / strokes practice books  (500 pcs)  --

these are great exercises that help young children train up their small muscles and how to use a pencil to make the strokes. We see too often children started copying Khmer alphabets prematurely. These exercises are targeting their specific needs.