Khna Rong

Village School

The second project done by PLD, Khna Rong school was a response to the dimly-lit crowded school under the farmer's house. Khna Rong is a remote village in Takeo Province, an hour away from the nearest town centre. Limited accessibility was the main challenge in this project. All materials were bought in the local market and most needed to be brought in by hand. 

The project comprises of a main teaching hall and a 2-cubicle bathroom. It was completed in 2010 with the help of 50 volunteers from Hong Kong. From the original 46 students, the school today houses 200+ students from the village, conducting free English classes everyday.


Date of completion

Size (sq. m)

Project leaders

Design team 




Khna Rong Village, Takeo, Cambodia

Dec 2010

96 square metre

Francis Wong, James Mak

Anthony Chu, Alison Cheng

Bunseng Sum – New Futures Organisation

Learn about Ms. Neang, who kindly offered her land as our school site.