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Library Establishment


Prey Run School, Thnouh School



400 students

Faye D. Yung


Credit Agricole


A library had existed temporarily from January to March 2012. Since an episode of heavy rain during the monsoon season, the library at Prey Run Village School was suspended - many books have been damaged beyond repair.


The previous library system in place was deemed ineffective and unsustainable. This is mainly because Team, the teacher in Prey Run Village School, can barely afford the time to run the library on his own. Students can only irregularly borrow books after lesson.


A wheeled aluminium case with glass doors was bought and implemented as the new library bookshelf. There are 434 titles (194 Beginner, 113 Intermediate and 127 Advanced) in the new library. All titles are handpicked by PLD Education Division with a bookplate, and is labeled with its level and number.


A library management was introduced, including: (i)Library Member Registration, (ii)Borrowing Logbooks, (iii)Reading Scheme and (iv)Library Rules.