Our Story
'I have a little dream, to build a school in Cambodia...’
In December 2008,
our founder, James Mak wrote an email that began, ‘I have a little dream’, and sent it to fourteen friends. Within was an invitation, and challenge - to build a school in Cambodia. Each of his friends said yes, placing their faith in each other and themselves. 
Heading to universities around the globe to study geography, architecture, medicine... they pooled their skills, forming the backbone of Project Little Dream.
By December 2009, PLD reached its first milestone with ‘Cambodia 2009’, its first service trip. In February 2010, PLD became a registered charity in Hong Kong, and concluded the year with the construction of its second village school in Cambodia.    
From there on,  PLD has grown, with Little Dreamers since graduated and working in varying fields including architecture, education and medicine. In the same way, our work has also expanded to focus not only on the walls of our schools, but also what goes on within those walls, while always being mindful of the environment we are in.