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Thon Mun Community Centre


Thon Mun Village, Takeo, Cambodia

Dec 2013

570 square metre

Francis Wong, Nelson Huen, James Mak

Alison Cheng, Anthony Chu, Lam Long Tat, Ophenia Wong, Tiffany Leung

Bunseng Sum – New Futures Organisation


Hong Kong Shun Lung Yan Chak Foundation


Thom Mun Community Center is situated northeast of Takeo town in Cambodia. The center's main function is to provide free classes to children and offer a public gathering place, activating the local pagoda complex into a public arena. With 65 volunteers and local craftsmen the center was completed in two winter phases.

The project is composed of two classrooms on a raised platform, enveloped by a series of porous bamboo screens. The ceiling bamboo screen extends between the two volumes connecting them to create a shaded corridor overlooking a horizon of rice fields.

The Sanitation Facilities completed in 2013 employed a heavier approach. While maintaining the simplicity in form, the gabion wall signifies the volunteering efforts. We collected the rubbles of temples destroyed in the area to fill up the wire cages. The gabion wall became a manifestation of historical strata reconstructed as the future of civility and social cohesion.

The village school is now operated and monitored by New Futures Organisation, a local charity in Takeo.